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How Many Times Can Disposable Masks be Used? Are Gauze Masks Useful?

Under the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, partial supply of masks exceeds demand. So, how many times can common disposable masks be used? Disposable Mask Suppliers said that under normal circumstances, there is no problem with using disposable masks that meet the standard two or three times. He also clarified a series of other misunderstandings about wearing masks. Take a look!

Although the common disposable masks on the market are in principle disposable. As long as non-hospital and other life scenarios, such a mask can be used two to three times, but it is not recommended to use n times. For example, taking a walk in and out of the community. Under such conditions of use, take off the mask after returning home, place it in a ventilated environment, dry it naturally or dry the moisture in the sun, and prevent the accumulation of surface bacteria, then you can use it again. Experts remind that disposable masks are not washable.

In fact, the ultra-fine fiber material of Disposable Masks is outer blue and inner white: the outer blue layer has water repellency and has a lotus leaf effect; the inner white layer is water-absorbing and more friendly to the skin . Therefore, remember to outer blue and inner white, otherwise it will be counterproductive and will instead attract droplets.

Disposable Mask

Disposable Mask

Other wrong ways to wear masks

1.Are traditional gauze masks useful?

useless. After the SARS campaign, Disposable Mask Manufacturers conducted special experiments in a laboratory environment, using 12 or even 18 layers of gauze masks to superimpose. As a result, the particulate matter filtration rate was only 96%, which is comparable to the standardized disposable masks. The 95% filtration rate of the layer is almost the same, What's more, in reality, it is impossible to repeatedly wear a dozen layers of gauze masks.

2. Are anti-smog masks useful?

It's useless. The design standards of anti-smog masks are different from those of medical masks and are not used to intercept viruses. If the built-in filter material is exposed to viruses, it cannot be properly disposed of, and it is prone to secondary pollution. In addition, anti-smog masks often have decorative and warm design. It is not recommended to use anti-haze masks during the epidemic.

3. Are masks with valves useful?

It is also not recommended. Masks with valve function are mainly used for dust prevention. Disposable mask manufacturers told reporters that the valve is a "breathing valve after being separated from the dusty environment, and it can breathe smoothly after opening. However, this valve has a risk of malfunctioning, and if large particles are stuck, it cannot prevent the inhalation of the virus.

4. Is it more useful to wear two disposable masks?

It's useless. Some people are afraid that the mask is thin and wear two disposable masks. The manufacturer said that it is completely unnecessary. Because they have also done experiments to confirm that the blocking rate of overlapping disposable masks against the virus is also 95%. Moreover, double-layer masks greatly increase the breathing resistance, resulting in stuffy discomfort