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How Does An Infrared Thermometer Work?

When you think of a thermometer, you probably imagine a device with some type of probe that is placed onto the object being measured. Whether it's a thermometer that you put under your tongue to take your own temperature, or a food thermometer that you push into a piece of meat to make sure it is done, the probe type thermometer has long been a standard. However, there are many other options on the market today, and Infrared Thermometers are among the most exciting and useful styles to consider. With ease of use and accurate readings, infrared thermometers have a lot to offer.

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared Thermometers

A simple principle

While the technology that makes these thermometers work is certainly complex, the concept itself is fairly simple. Anything that has mass releases a certain amount of energy, and this energy is released in the form of heat. Since any object emits heat, an infrared thermometer can use the difference between the infrared rays emitted by an object and its surroundings to determine the surface temperature of the object itself.

Why use infrared?

There are many reasons why you should consider choosing infrared technology for your temperature reading needs. When shopping for a thermometer to add to your stable, consider purchasing a quality infrared thermometer for some of the following reasons.

1.Accuracy. Obviously, you need to be confident that you will get accurate readings from your thermometer when you put it to use, and infrared models have a reputation for accuracy. The technology used in these products is simple and advanced, and you should be able to rely on the information you receive - as long as the thermometer is used in the right way.

2. Security. One of the great things about being able to check the temperature remotely is that you don't actually need to touch the object in question. If you want to measure the temperature of a particularly hot item, you won't need to put your hand, or even another device, on a hot surface. Simply point the infrared thermometer at the object you want to measure and you'll have all the information you need without putting yourself in danger.

3. Prevent contamination. Another benefit of remote measurement systems is the avoidance of contamination. This is especially important within the food service world, but it applies in other applications as well. Since you don't need to touch the items you are measuring, you won't need to worry about contaminating the product with the Thermometer probe. Instead of having to make sure that all of the temperature measuring equipment is properly sanitized before each use, you can simply point the infrared gun at the item being measured and forget about any contamination concerns.

4. Durability. You want an infrared thermometer that is tough enough to withstand the demands of being bounced around a job site, workshop, or just in a toolbox.

There are certainly more than three advantages to using infrared, but the three listed above are some of the most important ones. In addition, the cost of this technology has come down in recent years, which means you can use this excellent method of temperature measurement at a much lower cost than it was just a few years ago.

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