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Advantages of Infrared Thermometer

Any object in nature radiates infrared rays to the outside world, including humans. Generally, the higher the temperature, the stronger the ability to radiate infrared rays. At this time, the infrared radiation energy of the measured person can be collected by the Thermometer, and converted into the corresponding electric signal, which is calculated according to the program of the instrument, and after correction, it becomes the temperature value of the measured target.

Simply put, the Infrared Thermometer Cooking just converts the human body's own radiation energy into a numerical value of the human body surface temperature. Therefore, the infrared thermometer does not emit infrared rays to the human body, but receives infrared heat radiation emitted by the human body.

Advantage 1: Temperature measurement is more accurate

Through infrared thermal imaging body temperature detection, non-contact detection is realized, and the temperature measurement accuracy is ±0.3 ℃, avoiding inaccurate and inaccurate handheld thermometers.

Advantage 2: The device is desktop fixed, plug-and-play, supports mobile deployment, is highly mobile, and can be easily moved and placed

The equipment is small and exquisite, light in weight, beautiful and exquisite, and at the same time it shows the sense of tall technology. It can be moved and placed at will, and can be flexibly applied to different places and scenes.

Infrared Thermometer Cooking

Infrared Thermometer Cooking

Advantage 3: Higher temperature measurement efficiency

Infrared thermal imaging body temperature detection can greatly accelerate the speed of passing personnel temperature detection.

Advantage 4: Application scenarios are very extensive

Whether it is places such as epidemic-intensive stations, high-speed entrances and exits, shopping malls, parks, companies, etc., or communities, streets, scenic spots, schools, public services, communities, etc., monitoring points can be flexibly arranged to ensure accurate epidemic prevention in all scenarios, and follow-up It can be used as access control, attendance, visitor self-registration, etc.

Advantage 5: Fast identification verification and undocumented registration processing can be carried out

When a person certificate is required for verification, you can read the system background photo through the reader to compare the face recognition with the people on the spot, and the result of the comparison is broadcast by voice, and the verification process is completed within 1-2 seconds; when you need to register without a certificate, you can quickly touch Enter relevant information on the screen for registration.

Advantage 6: Real-time display and sharing of temperature measurement data

It can capture, recognize, archive, and count the faces of people whose body temperature exceeds 37.3°C, automatically store them in real time through the cloud platform, and realize real-time sharing and batch export of detection data, providing timely control of the epidemic situation in the jurisdiction Convenient to provide big data support and management for epidemic prevention and control.

Advantage 7: The equipment is simple and exquisite in shape, which highlights the texture

Concise but not simple. It's such a product, a product that you can't put it down, never tire of it, and the perfect fusion of texture and beauty.

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